What is Question 3?

Question 3 is a deeply flawed Constitutional Amendment that would force Nevada to dismantle its regulated electricity system – one of the most reliable and affordable in the nation – and replace it with a new, unknown system that would need to be established by the legislature and the courts.

Key reasons to vote NO on 3

  • Nevada Question 3 locks a risky experiment into the state Constitution

    Locks a risky experiment into Nevada's Constitution

    Because Question 3 is a Constitutional Amendment, it would be very difficult to repeal when things go wrong.

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  • Yes on Question 3 Nevada implementation

    Implemented by politicians and courts

    Question 3’s extremely vague wording puts politicians and judges in charge of setting up Nevada’s new electricity system.

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  • Question 3 gives California control of Nevada’s electricity system

    Hands over control to California & Federal Government

    Question 3 could force Nevada to turn over oversight of its electricity system to California politicians and the Federal Government.

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  • The Energy Choice Initiative would cost Nevada consumers billions

    Costs Nevada consumers and taxpayers billions

    Question 3 would cost billions of dollars to implement – paid for by all Nevadans through higher electricity rates and higher taxes.

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  • Yes on 3 Nevada threatens clean energy projects

    Threatens Nevada's clean energy future

    Question 3 threatens the future of over 50 existing and planned renewable energy projects across the state.

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What You Need To Know

Question 3 would shut down Nevada's rooftop solar programs

Question 3 is a risky and costly Constitutional Amendment that would cost billions of dollars to implement. Here’s more information about why this initiative would be very bad for our state.

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Yes on Question 3 NV impact on Nevada families

We're a bipartisan coalition coming together from across Nevada to make sure voters get the facts about Question 3, a risky electricity deregulation scheme.

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