PUCN Report

Public Utilities Commission Report Underscores Risks, Costs and Uncertainties of Question 3

In April 2018, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN), an independent regulatory entity, released an in-depth study on the potential effects of electricity deregulation on Nevada. The findings underscore the risks, costs and uncertainties of Question 3, a deeply flawed Constitutional Amendment on November’s statewide ballot.

This in-depth report found that Question 3 would:

  • Increase average monthly electric bills for Nevadans and expose Nevada ratepayers to market volatility and profit-driven ratemaking practices
  • Leave Nevada consumers liable for billions of dollars in stranded costs, require in excess of $100 million in new startup costs, and cost Nevada ratepayers more than $45 million annually in new operation and maintenance costs
  • Push Nevada to join California’s wholesale energy market, requiring major legislative changes in both states
  • Negatively affect net metering and other state laws that were designed to spur growth in the rooftop solar and renewable energy sectors
  • Result in significant job loss
  • Spark significant legal challenges and court battles over the implementation of Question 3’s ambiguous and contradictory language
  • Make Nevada the first state to deregulate electricity by a constitutional amendment. Locking deregulation into the Nevada Constitution would make the consequences relatively permanent

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